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Psychic Evolution

Apr 20, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Victoria Liljenquist, as they talk about intergalactic starseed connections. Victoria is a contactee of angels and light ships (UFOs) experienced in specialized healing and clinical therapy. She shares about extraterrestrials, UFOs, angels, and other celestial beings.


Message From a Prophet

Victoria had her first spiritual experience at the age of 5. She recalled how the prophet Ezekiel appeared before her in her bedroom. Victoria was sitting with her crystals, having a conversation with the universe. Her inquiry was simple: how are people so oblivious when it comes to other life forms. At that moment, the prophet Ezekiel came and told her that at 40, she would go among the people to teach love and forgiveness, that she must walk the path of truth and integrity, and that she must initiate on behalf of humanity the great and glorious event. Victoria did not understand the message at the time. Eventually, Victoria realized later in life what that meant, and now serves her purpose in the world.


Second Earth

One of the many encounters of Victoria with divine beings is when she had a vision of Jesus and Mary. She recounts the experience that on September 27, she was told that every soul on the planet would go into a deep sleep, and their divine plan would be shown. What made this encounter special, aside from Jesus and Mary’s presence, was the synchronicity of the number 9 on the date, with September being the ninth month and 27 being a multiple of 9. Their message was that no one gets left behind – every single soul will have the opportunity to have that blessing.


About Victoria Liljenquist:

Victoria Liljenquist is a contactee of angels and light ships (UFOs). She is also an international TV and radio guest lecturer, recording artist, documentary film producer, visionary, clairvoyant, and clairaudient. Victoria has 30 years of experience as a specialized healing and clinical therapist.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:47] Victoria’s first spiritual experience

[06:27] Knowledge, teleportation, and coming of the second Earth

[11:43] Benevolent races lined up to assist humanity

[20:03] The connection as an awakening to the cosmic heritage

[28:43] Second Earth perceived as heaven

[33:36] Ships as thought projections and tunnel visions

[35:30] Multidimensional ability

[39:37] Starseed consciousness and journey

[42:44] Victoria’s technique to connect with her brothers and sisters




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