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Psychic Evolution

Apr 13, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they talk about crystal magic. In this episode, Jamie and Maggie’s subject is about stones and crystals used to enhance psychic and mediumship developments and other components exploring life experiences, healing, dream state, and more.


Crystals and Chakra

Energy is what crystals are made of, and so are the chakras. In the chakra system, colors are associated with each chakra to represent energy. This association is also the same with crystals. Yet, there are energies associated with some crystals of different colors. That is entirely fine because they can still be associated with the same energies. For example, the heart chakra is green in color while the rose quartz is pink, but both represent the same vibrational pattern of love. Therefore, the energy associated with crystals and chakra is still the same and accepted.


Cleansing the Crystals

Crystals can be used to clear out negative energy. These stones absorb the negativity, so the person vibing with them only gets positive energy. Some crystals are self-cleansing, and some are not. Cleansing the crystals is necessary because if not done, the negative energy in the crystal will be emitted into the environment, which destroys the purpose. There are two ways to cleanse crystals: the first is to clear out negativity using the hands energetically, and the second is to use water. By cleansing, absorbed negative energy can be dispelled altogether.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:49] Episode overview

[03:02] Crystals and stones in relation to the chakra system

[08:16] Heart chakra, colors, and the vibrational pattern of love

[09:31] How they use stones to put the practicality of spirituality

[12:23] Ways to cleanse negativity off of crystals and use them

[18:33] Energy alignment in a crystal

[21:42] Harmonized energy of stones in astrology necklaces

[24:26] Spiritual divinity

[27:44] Different crystals for different ways of healing

[33:11] Placed energy to another location

[37:10] Comparison of clearing a location, a person’s energy field, and past life experience

[38:21] Astrology jewelry and retreat announcements


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