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Psychic Evolution

Mar 30, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Tina Powers, as they talk about her psychic mediumship gift and why she decided to use it in serving others. Tina is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional psychic medium. Recorded live from a psychic mediumship event in Cave Creek, Arizona, she shares her experience as an evidential medium advisor.


Late Awakening

Tina’s psychic awakening occurred at 38, but she has already experienced seeing people in her room in her childhood years. She tells how she would run to her parents’ room upon hearing things, but they dismissed it as her being a drama queen. It was not a good experience for Tina that she slept with the light on. Working as a news anchor, Tina unknowingly used her psychic abilities. She connected with people easily, which made them emotionally safe, and trusted her to open up. It felt natural that she thought it was normal but eventually found out her psychic abilities were flowing out of her. Later on, Tina went full-time in the mediumship job.


Reporting from the Other Side

Being a news anchor and reporter gave Tina the impression of her psychic abilities as a reporter job but for those on the other side. Having done her first reading for someone and seeing them happier and relieved made her realize that it could help people. It left her no choice because people kept coming to her even before she could decide on it. While it may not mean anything for Tina to use her mediumship gift, results from those she helped made her realize that it was the most minor specific things that help people go. 


About Tina Powers:

Tina Powers is a former news anchor and reporter who now works as a professional medium and receives psychic messages. As she laughingly says: “It’s reporting for the other side.” Sensitive since childhood, Tina felt the presence of people who had crossed over, but the intuitive information became a much more powerful force after she decided to leave the harsh reality of television news.

Tina lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. Her clientele is a veritable “who’s who” of people from all walks of life, from business leaders to celebrities who span the globe. Her warmth, infectious laugh, and incredible ability to help people connect with a higher vibration enable them to lead happier lives.

For more than a decade, Tina worked for KOLD TV, a CBS affiliate in Arizona as a news assignment editor, producer, field reporter, and anchor. She has appeared in numerous television commercials and was a morning radio show co-host for two years. Tina also co-hosted the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon in Arizona for nine years. Tina has been interviewed on various topics, from “the power of intuition” to “how to raise inspired, positive kids.” She has also worked in film, television, and theatre and is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

An accomplished oil painter, Tina has recently begun showing her vibrant, colorful pieces. She believes all forms of creative expression are an essential element of our true contentment as human beings.

Tina has authored two books. The first, a children‘s book called The Land of Imagination, helps children believe in themselves and their dreams. The other, Reporting for the Other Side, is a chronicle of her journey from the news media to the spiritual world.


Outline of the Episode:

[01:32] Tina’s first realization of her psychic abilities and how she worked around it

[06:15] Connections with graduated people while at work

[08:54] Soul growth through readings and showing life experiences

[12:17] Tools and techniques that enhanced Tina’s mediumship gift

[15:39] How to train others to use their abilities

[22:33] Adjustments people make in the way of communication during a reading

[27:06] Psychic versus mediumship

[30:36] Work with ascended masters and angels

[33:16] Camp Chesterfield experiences

[37:31] When Tina started using her abilities professionally to help others

[40:15] Tina’s most favorite spiritual experiences

[43:22] Where to start in developing mediumship

[47:38] The language of the soul is a universal communicator





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