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Psychic Evolution

Mar 9, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they talk about the purpose of the soul. In this episode, Jamie and Maggie’s discussion revolves around the question, “Why am I here?” expressing ideas in terms of soul purpose. They explain how knowing one’s purpose within can help in improving psychic development.


Two Jobs of a Soul

In any given lifetime, the soul has two jobs: finding itself and being what was found. Earth is an experiential planet; there are a plethora of experiences to gain, ranging from sad to happy, good to bad, evil and light, to name a few. It is meant to experience life in many different ways, encouraging soul growth. The soul chooses what it wants to experience in one lifetime, which is why one must find out who they are. Once they find out, it is up to them to be that soul, serving the purpose they discovered within themselves. 


Simplified Purpose

Finding out your purpose is always tricky, but Maggie says otherwise – it is actually simple. First, question yourself, “I feel I am…,” and whatever follows is your purpose. Soul reading helps pinpoint a person’s purpose, and it can be a developed skill. After the question of what you are follows, “How is it going to look?” “How is the path you chose?” Then, “How do you co-create with those statements in a way that the world and other people’s realities respond to you?” The beauty of incarnation is that it is not just your reality; you are co-creating with many other people’s realities.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:49] Episode overview

[02:21] A soul’s two jobs in every lifetime

[09:39] Pieces of the puzzle from past lives

[12:54] Soul purpose through soul reading

[19:19] “I am” in esoteric literature and ancient philosophy

[25:22] Manifestation of purpose while soul reading for others

[29:22] Themes in one’s life as a clue to one’s purpose

[33:42] Choosing the higher self

[37:23] Start with your story – it is the most important piece

[39:41] Can one’s soul job change?


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