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Psychic Evolution

Mar 2, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Emily McGill, as they tackle tarot reading and her creation of a Broadway tarot deck. Emily is a former Broadway publicist and communications consultant whose path of self-exploration led to her healing, evolution and reading tarot cards. In this episode, she shares how she got into tarot cards after a successful career on Broadway.


Broadway and Tarot

At the age of 12, Emily was introduced to musical theater and the idea of Broadway. Being born into a family interested in arts and theater, she had one vision, goal, and dream – to work on Broadway. At first, Emily wanted to be a performer, but her discovery of other jobs that involve Broadway pulled her into the business side rather than being on stage. Emily was at the peak of her career when, unfortunately, her grandmother passed away. Having her grandmother’s trauma passed down to her, Emily had to see a therapist. On her way towards healing, her journey to spirituality dawned. Emily’s therapist introduced her to tarot reading, and from there, Emily learned it until she became a tarot reader herself. Out of love for Broadway and tarot reading, she decided to create her Broadway tarot deck.


Broadway Archetypes Deck

One similarity Emily found between Broadway and tarot reading is storytelling, and a story is always made up of characters. That similarity sparked the idea of taking Broadway archetypes to be used as icons in the Major and Minor Arcana cards of tarot. Emily sees the Major Arcana cards as a human soul evolutionary journey, so she wanted to grasp at characters in Broadway shows that really match the meaning of the cards. As for the Minor Arcana cards, Emily is still in the “casting” part in Broadway jargon. Her vision of the cards is to be playful, creative, and intuitive, but at the same time channeling and psychic in that sense. 


About Emily McGill:

Emily McGill is a spiritual seeker. After nearly a decade and a half working in entertainment in New York City as a Broadway publicist and communications consultant, her path of self-exploration led to healing and evolution – and reading tarot cards.  

Invited to read tarot for virtual Burning Man 2021 and Brooklyn’s dry speakeasy Club Curious, Emily has also been featured by The Tamron Hall Show, the NY Post, and Thrive Global. She writes Playbill’s Broadway Horoscopes, and currently in development is her own deck, The Broadway Tarot.

Emily’s passions are unlocking the magic in others, amplifying marginalized voices, offering platforms for open dialogue, and creating meaningful experiences while cultivating community. She is the co-founder of SNOB (Sunday Night on Broadway), a popup Broadway industry dance party, a founding member of PR collective Spiral5, and a co-author of S5’s signature course, The Career Rebel’s Guide to Modern PR.  


Outline of the Episode:

[00:53] Emily’s work in Broadway and how she got into the entertainment industry

[06:12] Introduction to a tarot card deck for the first time

[07:52] Energy reading using tarot cards

[11:15] Tarot learning practice of meditation

[14:15] How “unlocking the magic” shows up when Emily does a tarot reading

[15:47] Real-life shift

[19:56] Tarot’s neutrality of information

[22:33] The Broadway tarot deck with Broadway archetypes as Major and Minor Arcana cards

[26:36] Storytelling using tarot cards

[31:37] Emily’s most empowering aspect in her psychic evolution

[34:27] Creative ways of healing and Emily’s reading

[41:01] Self-awareness, perspective, and participation in tarot readings






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