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Psychic Evolution

May 4, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Alena Chapman, as they talk about her journey to soul evolution. Alena is known to many as the “Soul Curator,” on top of being a radio show and podcast host and international best-selling author. She shares details about her book, Hello Soul.



Alena says that when things are good in our lives, we never question them. It is already good, so why would we? When things go beautifully for you, it is favorable. She refers to it as her “magic.” Suppose the magic is gone. That is when we tend to ask ourselves, “why is this hard?” or “why is this too heavy?” “Why am I tired?” The soul is here with a purpose, and living according to how others want you to live goes against the very foundation of why you are here. It takes self-realization to connect with your soul purpose. It may take time and a lot of life experiences, but everything will be worth it.


Looking Into the Soul

A common saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Alena’s gift is precisely that. Whenever she sees a person, one look at their eyes, and she can see their soul. Alena can tell their story only through their eyes. Aside from seeing a living person’s soul, she can also see ghosts, or what she refers to as lost souls. Given this gift of sight, Alena’s purpose is to open the light for the lost souls. She serves as a guide to these souls to continue with their evolution.


About Alena Chapman:

As her new book title, Hello Soul, would suggest, Alena Chapman offers us ways past the prison of our inner critic and through any toxic relationships, addictions, and self-sabotage through activating our soul’s manifesto – which is always to heal. Referred to by many as a “Soul Curator,” Alena works her “magic” by wisely integrating the wisdom of various religions, spiritual modalities, and scientific research to bring clarity, ease, and flow along with greater understanding to all. She’s on a quest to help people everywhere connect to their soul’s purpose and experience abundance while on the journey. She works with clients around the world to help them identify what they are really here to achieve in life from a space of compassion, non-judgment, and love.


Alena has been a guest on ABC, CBS, PBS, iHeart Radio, Law of Attraction Radio, and many conferences, interviews, and events, including Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Elizabeth Gilbert. A certified counselor with Right Relations, Alena has also studied with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, and countless others on top of her personal studies.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:47] What prompted Alena to her soul evolution

[05:19] Years of self-realization to activate the connection

[09:42] Acknowledgement from others

[16:59] Alena’s most amazing spiritual experiences

[23:29] Soul prints picked up during mediumship

[27:59] Connections with other beings

[32:40] Update on the upcoming Starseed Awakening Retreat

[34:10] Repression to use psychic abilities

[39:38] About Alena’s book, Hello Soul

[45:27] How to say bye to the critical mind





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