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Psychic Evolution

Apr 27, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they discuss when to see a psychic. In this episode, Jamie and Maggie tackle another question from the listeners on the beneficiality of seeing a psychic to help realize their psychic gifts.


To Choose a Psychic

There is always the right person for each experience, and that is true when finding a psychic. It is indeed beneficial to go to a psychic for your abilities, but there are different reasons to see them. To find the right one, knowing the parameters of the life experience should be put into consideration. In other words, find someone you are comfortable vibing with. Psychics can be found through recommendations from friends or family, but if there are none, researching psychics who worked with university scientific studies is the most ideal. 


Language Barrier

Psychics have their own way of interpreting experiences which is somewhat their language. Working with one requires trusting their intuition and ensuring you are getting validation of your abilities. When you understand the language of a psychic, that means you are connecting with them. It is absolutely fine to find other psychics if the one you saw does not have the same vibe. You cannot work with someone you cannot understand at all. 


Outline of the Episode:

[00:49] Episode overview

[03:31] Right person for the right experience

[11:06] It is beneficial to see a psychic to realize gifts

[16:18] Things that make psychics annoying

[22:20] When negative energy is directly focused

[28:48] Safety established first in any psychic practice

[33:37] Payments and complimentary readings

[40:57] Starseed awakening retreat announcement

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