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Psychic Evolution

Mar 16, 2022

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Stopher Cavins, as they talk about his journey towards becoming a psychic medium. Stopher is an intuitive blogger and psychic medium. In this episode, he shares his blog, My Fated Life, where he writes about his past and present life stories.  

Psychic Awakening

Stopher’s whole spiritual journey started because of his friend. Working as a full-time marketer, his friend, a spirit medium, asked him for help with a business for oracle cards, meditations, and the like. Given the opportunity, Stopher took the chance and started building his friend’s website and blog. In his process of research, it made Stopher write again. Another thing was that he caught on to the best practices for meditations and crystals. Because of that, he wrote about metaphysical things, which eventually opened him up to become a psychic medium. From there, Stopher says his spirit just took over. Having to write about his past experiences on his blog is therapeutic for him and helps him connect deeper. 


Writing and Spirit

Words have their own way of conveying a message. Having been a writer and storyteller, Stopher recognizes how writing about his past experiences would be spiritual. His amazement for all things psychic has not only led him to help others but at the same time help himself as well. While what he writes may seem abstract and not make sense, through the help of his psychic sense, he is able to connect the dots and tie them all together. Stopher believes it is a great bridge to learn how to trust the message, the spirit, and the higher self.


About Stopher Cavins:

Stopher Cavins is a claircognizant psychic. He offers psychic readings in-person, over the phone, by video chat (Zoom, Facetime, etc.), or by email.

Stopher’s spiritual gift of claircognizance provides him with an uncanny “knowing” of information and outcomes. This psychic ability allows Stopher to provide healing messages and clarity from divine sources.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:49] What it is like being an intuitive blogger

[03:00] Other modalities Stopher uses to read other people’s energies

[05:14] The experience of helping oneself without the emotional attachment

[07:31] Card reading for a business opportunity

[12:43] Fears and uncertainties Stopher had as he was opening up to his spiritual gift

[13:59] Card and energy reading in the virtual setup

[15:22] Stopher’s creative process of writing

[17:29] Claircognizance and clairvoyance; trust in spirit

[21:37] Reconnection and permission to live life

[23:42] Support from loved ones

[29:49] Other realms Stopher works with

[36:51] Dispelled disabilities by the way Stopher reads energies

[42:15] Different ways to integrate with the self spiritually






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